The Moments in Between

사이의 시간들
Something that we can identify as ultimate and perfect only exists as an object with a sense of purpose that cannot be found anywhere else. Rather, those subjects connected to my experiences and awareness could be viewed as ceaselessly imperfect that did not move beyond my limited views or finite world. They had already existed in various ways of their own accord. Thus, I decided to experience them as they are without judging whether they were copies or screens or anything else. In doing so, I captured the impressions of the experiences and painted them as imperfect beings—the moments that cannot be defined between definitions.

어떤 궁극적이고 완전한 것은 일종의 목적으로서 단지 대상으로서만 존재할 뿐 그 어디에도 없었다. 오히려 내가 경험하고 인지하는 것들은 끊임없이 불완전했고 제한된 나의 시야, 유한한 나의 세계를 벗어나지 않는 것들이었다. 그것들은 이미 그 자체로 형형색색 존재하고 있었다. 복사물인지 스크린인지 그 무엇인지 판단을 내리지 않은 채 있는 그대로 경험하기로 했다. 그렇게 경험의 인상을 포착했고 불완전한 채로 그려나갔다. 규정과 규정 사이 규정될 수 없는 그 시간들을.

Not Same Yet Not Different, Pigment on silk, 38x38(cm), 5 pieces, 2022

Regular Irregularity, Pigment on silk, 200x80(cm), 2022

Between Circle and Circle, Pigment on silk, 39x39(cm), 17 pieces, 2022


In Between, Pigment on silk, 38x38(cm), 2022
The Moments, Pigment on silk, 38x38(cm), 2022

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