Incomplete Blue Dream 

불완전한 푸른 꿈

Rather, I have yet to dream a dream. On reflection, I have always recognized an incomplete state instead of seeking something complete. Unless I devised a premise for something complete, the unknown “completeness” that flowed from somewhere to me created an influx of incompleteness although nothing incomplete existed. The criteria for “completeness” can often become a sharp knife that cuts out certain things. Instead, if I had sought being complete by myself, I would not have experienced instability to such an extent. However, no existence for such completeness existed inside me. It took longer to realize that I would feel stable without being complete. Something complete, which I found by myself other than what I had heard from somewhere else, was rather a shape in which the numerous varieties of incompleteness were condensed. The shape that vaguely revealed itself by overlapping was indeed complete in itself to me and existed of its own accord without being defined or explained by anything else. Only today do I have the capability to dream an incomplete blue dream.

Blue Dream

Blue Regular Irregularity

Dream of Being Incomplete

Not Same Yet Not Different

Illusion for the Standards

Its Depth

Side View /  Depth of Moments

Regular Irregularity

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